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Twenty Sixteen Goals

December 31, 2015

I cannot believe that 2016 is already just around the corner. This year has gone by so incredibly fast. Overall, I would say twenty fifteen was a good year -- nothing big or exciting happened, but it was a time where I really discovered who I was and where I want to go in life. (I'd say that's a pretty big thing) 

As always, I made some goals for the coming year. (Hopefully I will actually accomplish some of them...) I tried to come up with simple but yet very important ones that would help improve my life, and the lives of those who are around me. 


/ make wise food choices 
/ be more disciplined in school 
/ focus on the essentials 
/ overcome social, school, + work fear
/ enjoy every moment
/ read, read, and read some more
/ blog more often

Although most times we hardly accomplish our goals and ideas for the coming year, I think it is still good to think about + write down what we would like to do less/more of in the coming year. I feel it just puts us in a better mood and sets us up for better things rather than sticking to what we are currently doing. (because I'm pretty sure you don't have a perfect life and are doing all the things you want to be doing) 

So I encourage you to go out, make lists, and be merry. Happy new year, Friends!


  1. Happy 2016! I love your blog btw!

  2. Your goals are very similar to mine. Happy 2016!
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