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Into the Woods

December 28, 2015

Christmas is already over! It came and went so quickly but nonetheless, it was still an amazing       holiday. The preparation leading up to the actual event was almost half the fun -- decorating with   pom-poms, spruce branches, and christmas lights, sipping on tea while listening to Christmas classics, and wrapping gifts for all of my loved ones.

This Christmas season, my main goal was to focus on the essentials -- to not let myself be engulfed in too many activities or clutter up with items of no setimental value or use -- but to center everything on the reason we celebrate Christmas; Jesus. It really is so easy to find ourselves wanting more, more, more but instead, I pushed myself to say less, less, less. I actually found that by getting less, my mind focused more on the family and memories, than the items I received. I want to challenge you all as well to be constantly reminding yourself to focus on what really matters and also to constantly watch what you are putting in your home -- does it benefit? Is it useful? Does it have any sentimental value?

While in Illinois for the holidays, I snapped some photos around my grandparent's farm. I hope you had the most merry of holidays and were not only satisfied with your gifts, but your memories made as well.

Since I haven't posted in a while, I thought I would do a quick update on my life as well --

Doing // Finishing decorating my room and adding the finishing touches -- laundry basket, chair, lamps etc.

Reading // Anne of Avonlea, Kinfolk Home, Lord of the Rings series.

Listening to // Axel Flovent, Oh Wonder, Vampire Weekend. View my "Favorites" playlist on spotify here.

Now that Christmas is over, indoor soccer will be starting in a couple of weeks as well as drama; so I will be really busy with school, drama, soccer, and all my other hobbies -- photography, reading, music, decorating...

Also, I have some really exciting news that will be coming out soon! Be watching!