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Words -- a thought

November 11, 2015

I feel that a lot of times, our words are empty and shallow and we don't put as much into them as we could. But at other times, our words are said and written very beautifully. I guess I must embrace the fact that I don't always have perfect words to say -- but that in its self is actually quite beautiful -- the simple, non complexity of words, jumbled together on a page -- simple but not yet meaningless.


  1. I think words have the most beautiful meaning. They are so wonderfully intricate, and there is such a perfection in their imperfections. Language is, I think, my favourite sort of paradox. xxx

  2. I think you described words perfectly. Sometimes they can weave the most intricate tales + stories and convey feelings that a reader might not expect, and other times they simply fail us. But I think that's beautiful.

    Sam, thelittleforest.blogspot.com